5 Things To Look For As Permanent Teeth Come In

Did you know the American Association of Orthodontics recommends your child have their first orthodontist visit at age 7 when their permanent teeth begin to emerge? Early orthodontic treatment is important so we can catch concerns early while your child is still growing, making bite issues easier to correct and saving time, money, and discomfort later in life! 

Here are 5 things an orthodontist monitors as your child’s permanent teeth come in, and you can look for some of these signs of concern at home between check-ups, too! 

1) Non-Emerging Teeth

The most common reason for a tooth not emerging as expected is lack of space due to a narrow jaw, a stubborn baby tooth that won’t fall out, or another tooth erupting out of place. Adult teeth typically emerge in a particular order, starting with the molars or central incisors, then the lateral incisors, canine teeth, two sets of premolars, and finishing with the final set of molars. Keep an eye out at home for the rate and order of your child’s teeth eruption, and address any concerns with an experienced orthodontist

2) Nutrition

Nutrition plays a significant role in the development of permanent teeth! Your child needs a lot of calcium in their diet for proper tooth development. Avoid too many sugary foods, as overconsumption can delay tooth development and cause decay. A healthy diet leads to healthy teeth! 

3) Extra Teeth

Extra teeth (or supernumerary teeth) can form anywhere in the arch and delay, block, or displace the eruption of permanent teeth. X-rays identify extra teeth early so your orthodontist can design a treatment plan for your child to achieve a healthy smile as they grow. 

4) Dental Hygiene

Did you know caring for baby teeth is just as important as caring for permanent teeth? Just because your child loses them does not mean they aren’t important! Children of all ages must brush and floss twice daily to avoid tooth decay, gum disease, and any future complications.

While an orthodontist will monitor concerns caused by poor oral hygiene, making it part of your child’s daily routine at home is the only way to prevent significant issues from arising! 

5) Crowding and Crookedness

Crowded and crooked teeth are common issues that can be caused by losing baby teeth to tooth decay, adult teeth arriving too soon, genetics, or a narrow jaw. When caught early, orthodontists can correct these concerns with appliances like expanders or spacers. 

Early Orthodontic Treatment In Chicago

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